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Founded by Jack and Barbara Nicklaus in 2004, the Foundation provides access to world-class health care for all children and supports innovative programs focused on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of childhood illness.
The National PKU Alliance works to improve the lives of individuals with PKU and pursue a cure.  PKU is a rare brain-threatening disease that affects about 16,500 children and adults in the U.S.  The NPKUA provides information, support and advocacy for families living with PKU and invests in targeted peer reviewed research for the development of better therapies and a cure.
Hope for Hudson
At the birth of a new child, parents have such grand hopes in all that they will become.  No one hopes for a rare disease that without unimaginable dietary restrictions, they would become developmentally, intellectually, and neurologically disabled in less than a year.  When Hudson was born in December 2013, the state-mandated newborn screening test identified elevated levels in phenylalanine indicating that he most likely was affected with PKU.  Further testing confirmed the diagnosis for life.